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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boy, Can you skin Grizz?

....sure are cocky, for a starving Pilgrim................

David and Cody have both killed a bear. This year it is Andrew and Zachary's turn to try. So far they have had a lot of hits at their bear bait sites but have not harvested one... Their Uncle Dan, however, did. And He brought it to me~e! I don't like bear meat. They are scavengers. And by all reasonable assessment what they eat. Yuck! Not to mention it is greasy and sticks to the roof of your mouth. No~ part of the pig family or no, I'll stick with the original white meat. But what is good on the bear is the hide. Soft, warm and pretty. Dan didn't bring me the hide though. Darn 'im. He brought me the carcass. So I did what any woman would do~ cry.

Alright, I made it into dog food. My dog food recipe calls for two pounds of ground meat per batch and after the boys and I had it all butchered, ground and wrapped up we had enough for over 25 batches of dog food. And that's why I'm singing!! Chief and General's grub was getting low and I don't know how you look into those big brown eyes or stare at all that slop chop drool and tell them there just isn't any thing left except fish. They don't like puppy food made from fish, so times are pretty desperate when I make it that way. Here's the recipe they swear by:

2lbs ground meat
( I use what ever we have at the time.. wild whatever, duck, chicken,fish,goat,rabbit, left over roast or taco meat etc.)
4 cups rice
12 cups water ~ sometimes if I have extra milk I will add it.
( again whatever, zuc, crookneck, a quart jar of beans, carrots or corn.) DO NOT use onions~ they are toxic to dogs. Thanks, Cody, for setting momma straight.

Put the meat, rice and water into a dutch oven and bring to a boil, simmer until meat is cooked and all water is absorbed. I add a little salt to this.

If veggies are raw cook them in a little water otherwise dump the jar into the blender and puree (stealth health) If I leave them chopped the dogs kick them out of the bowl.
Add puree to rice mixture and stir. Store covered in the fridge.

***My disclaimer*** I am not a nutritionist. I have only been feeding my boys this way for about eight months and only time will tell if my way of thinking is truly healthy for my dogs... some nutrition deficiencies would not show up until my dogs are old men. BUT people managed to keep their dogs alive and fed for years and years before Purina came along. There has to be a way of doing it for ones self.
The only draw back I see to this food is ~it is soft therefore will not clean their teeth like a dry kibble would. I give them bones to keep their teeth healthy.

I make this batch about every 4 to 5 days for my two Newfies... if you have a disposable dog ( you know.. the flushable size) you may want to cut it in half so it doesn't go bad in the fridge.
Let me know if you try it.

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