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Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is Good.

My summer has been an emotional roller coaster. Starting with Zachary's accident on Mother's day down to last week when Dr. Mills told us Zachary would need a second surgery. It has been two days since our CT follow up and I have not written the results. The truth is........ I don't know how to. I don't know how to put into words the emotion.

First I want you to know that I do not believe in "Faith Healing".
I do not believe that a preacher or anyone for that matter can slap someone on the head with an oily palm screaming "Be healed in Jesus!" and when that person rises up he is wonderfully healed.

What I do believe in is fervent prayer.
I believe in God's love.
I believe in God's goodness.
and I believe that God has healed my son.

On Tuesday morning we went to Dr. Mills office. Now, Dr. Mills is a steady Eddie, no emotion, no drama, no personality......... it's what bugs me about him because when I am upset everyone else should be too.

But today he was struggling, talking in circles, using words that were so far over my head.....
The CT scan was on his computer. He kept zooming in and out on different pictures and bone fragment and then he would point to the x~ray and shake his head. The way he was acting just made me sick and honestly for the first five minutes I thought my son was dead in the water. Finally he leans back and says "I just don't know what to tell you but the damage is not showing where I saw it first in the x-ray............

Then it hits me, he is upset because he thinks he was wrong not because something is wrong...

So I stutter out "This is good?"

He is agitated because I am stupid. "Yes, it's good, but obviously I have two conflicting reports so you will need to see a specialist out of Boise to confirm what I am saying."
The second opinion I didn't even have to ask for.....
He continues "If he concludes that the damage is on the inner part of the arm instead of the outer part where originally shown then we will do another follow up in three months and postpone surgery, at least for now........". I didn't here the rest.
My mind just kept screaming "This is good!" "God is good!"
I was so distracted that when I left the office I left everything there.... the disk with the CT scan, the copy of the x-rays, everything I needed to take to Dr. Showwalters. I guess I will need to pick that up the next time I am in town.
We see Dr. Showwalters on September 25.

God is good. To Him be the glory.

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