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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Check Your Trap Line Daily....

First you need the history.....My boys are trappers. Trappers to the core. But they are also boys who tend to get careless on occasion. Some traps do not kill instantly and I feel it is cruel to let animals sit in them without being disposed of as quickly as possible. So I am a broken record around here during the winter.. "Check your trap lines daily..."

Now, in our main bathroom there has been a smell.... a horrible smell for the past two days. I have scrubbed everything in it from the toilet to the walls and I cannot get rid of the smell. My man keeps asking me when I am going to clean the bathroom because the smell is terrible. I was almost in tears because I HAD cleaned it~ many times over!

Well, last night I was getting all the trash ready to be hauled and when I opened the cabinet for the bathroom trash.........oh! the smell. Behind the trash can was a mouse trap that I had set... and forgot.

There was my smell... a dead mouse at that stage where....where your eyelids curl in and your lungs send out an involuntary "Cease and Desist" order because the pain of breathing in is just more than your nose can handle. Oh, it was AWFUL!!!

I was down in the cabinet cleaning up the mess when one of the boys (he's lucky I didn't turn around to find out who.) walks by and says "Hey mom, check your trap lines daily!"

If my lungs would have been working he'd have gotten an ear full. But as it was they weren't.
And, after all, it was good advice from his mother.....

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